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What do you mean by career? I find it interesting that career in verb form is careered, as in the auto careered off the cliff. Or that most definitions of career have the phrase “course or progress through life” and that most people view their career as an affliction. But that is not what you are after…

I do what I do, because I simply get pleasure out of it, either by gaining knowledge (or a different lens) that I can apply to other things that I am intresting in, using what I know to solve problems that help others (people pay for solutions to their problems) or some times, just for the hell of it.

My motto , sums it up I think – “Life is an experiment – Run with it.”

So, my current experiment – how to simplify my life and thus giving myself more freedom to do as I please. And freedom – that is another very intresting word.

Curious, what does freedom mean to you?