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Just like everything else – we sometimes forget this very simple thing.

I choose to be happy. No matter what is going on in the world, what my situation is.. Or anything else.. I choose to be happy.

Of course, then there is always that one person that comes a long to rain on your parade.  They ask, So, what are you happy about? What is making you happy?

Quite funny, that happiness comes from inside and not from something on the outside. Happy for the sake of being happy, I say. But that follows with some strange looks.

Then in most cases – Them spilling the 55 gallon drum of all the fears and reasons you shouldn’t be happy.

And yes, in general the world, if we choose to look at it in that way – is not a happy place.

You see, many are looking for something to make them happy. Or something that gives them permission to be happy.

Screw that.. Just be happy. The world needs more happy, light hearted people.