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Greetings from Beaufort, North Carolina.

I am sure, you have hit up against this – if not yet, you will.

You have this new (*NEW*) idea on how to solve a problem.  Whatever it is – maybe it is even a different way of looking at something.

You hit resistance.  More of a force field.  When you talk about your idea – you get back blank blinks… blink…. blink.. Smile…

Or maybe you hear… oh that will never work….

Here it is… In general people are not looking for something new – they are looking to justify or reinforce their own beliefs.

They are looking for safe….

New is not safe.. New is new, uncharted. Most people don’t want to be first.. Being first is scary.

However, We need new – we need new ways of seeing and understanding that moves us forward. 

Keep making new things – expand new (or at least new to you).