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So, that is a very intresting question – What do you do when you become aware of the game and/or games and start seeing things for what they are.

You see, on one level it is a game of hide and seek. The real is hidden, and replaced with something else.

Once you start seeing things, differently.. You keep your mouth shut.

No rebellion
No big announcement

You go and seek people who see it the same way.

I know this goes against what you believe. You want to wake everybody up. And say hey! Wake up.. See this.. Look at this… Look at it… And they will look and say, so what..

They are not ready to be awakened.

Giving the game away, announcing it – is like telling a 5 year old who believes in Santa Claus – there is no Santa. It is not going to end well.

People are deep into the game. They built their lives around it. They are invested into it. It is their lives. They know nothing different. They will protect it. You then become the problem.

You see it – but you just need to keep playing it out. Like an actor on stage. To the outside.

You are rejecting the programming – and it will be difficult. This is when my advice is to start working on yourself. Look at yourself and see how dependent you are on the game. It is not an easy exit, but it can be done.

And I know… They say to speak up. When you see in justice, etc whatever.. Speak up. But this is just another game to get those to speak out, so they can be stomped back down.

Yes, and there will be others you might mentioned it to, who – say – oh yes I will support you, I will walk out of here with you. That is – until they get home or interact with their social system. Their friends, wife, husband, who ever – they will tell them how crazy they are – and what they should do. They will obey. You will no longer exist, because the best way they deal with a problem, is by ignoring it.

The game is structured in such a way to keep you in it and to make it difficult to those who don’t want to play. You will need resources from the game to work on yourself, to break further from it. You are gaming the game, playing your own game of hide and seek.