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Out there, on the endless sea, a solitary boat invites us on a voyage not just across water, but into the depths of our own minds. It’s a journey into the quiet corners of our thoughts, a testament to the transformative power of solitude.

About The Visual Intervention

Received the Visual Intervention in 2011 – Off the Coast of, California.

Out on the open sea, there’s a little boat. It’s just a speck against the endless blue, the kind of scene that makes you take a deep breath and let it out slow. That boat out there, all by itself, got me thinking about what it means to be truly alone. Not the kind of alone you feel when your phone’s dead, or when you’re home while everyone’s out. I mean the kind of alone that’s like standing in a vast room with no walls.

This boat – it’s on a quiet journey. That’s a good way to describe it. Quiet, not because there’s no sound. The ocean has plenty of that, the kind of noise that fills your ears like a whispering crowd. No, it’s quiet because it’s just the boat, the sea, and the sky having a conversation. And in that vastness, you can’t help but listen.

That’s the thing about solitude. We think it’s about getting away from people, but really, it’s about getting closer to ourselves. Out there, where the blue of the water meets the blue of the sky, you can hear your thoughts a little louder, feel your dreams a little clearer.

I once read that being alone is a skill. At first, I laughed. A skill? But the more I sat with that thought, the more it made sense. We’re so used to being plugged in, tuned in, and switched on that we forget how to just be. To sit with ourselves, not just comfortable but content. To be alone without being lonely.

That boat out there isn’t lonely. It’s on a transformative journey, the kind that teaches you about the stuff that makes you, well, you. It’s not about being isolated; it’s about being connected – to the waves, the wind, the vast sky, and yes, to the quiet part of your soul that sometimes gets drowned out.

In this big, wide, incredible world, there’s so much noise, so much rush. But every once in a while, we all need a little bit of that boat’s journey. We need to drift a bit, to find our place in the grand ocean of life. And in that drifting, we might just find out who we are, what we want, and where we’re headed.

It’s okay to feel small against the vast sea, to be just one person in the huge world. That boat shows us that even when you’re tiny, you’re still there, you still count. You’re part of something bigger, and that’s a bit amazing, isn’t it?

So maybe this weekend, find a spot, your own slice of sea or sky or park or corner of your room. Go there and just be, alone with your thoughts, like that boat in the ocean. You might be surprised by the quiet journey you’ll take, the kind that can happen without moving an inch.

That’s the power of solitude. It’s not about escaping life but diving deeper into it, finding the rhythm of your own waves and learning to sail your ship. Because even when you’re all by yourself, you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be, on your own quiet journey, finding your way home.


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