We don’t fit into nice little boxes. However there are people and companies out there who try to make us think we should fit into these ‘little boxes’. They want to limit us, tell us we are small and powerless. They want to divide us up, label us, and then present the solution… using the label like they know us, presenting the only solution that can make us whole. For a limited time of course.

Life isn’t something you can boil down to a quick slogan or a tweet. Some people might try, but that’s not my style.

I’ve been doing this photography thing for a long time, so much so that it sometimes feels like I’ve lived more than one life. I’m kind of fed up with the usual way of doing things. I’m kind of over playing these games people expect us to play.

So, I’m sticking to what I’m best at: showing the world as I see it, in the most honest way possible, using the tools I have. We often try to set too many rules or restrictions on things, but in doing so, we’re really just holding ourselves back. We’re all more than any box or label.

I hope that the images and thoughts help others to open their eyes, to see that a lot of what we’re told is just not real. Everything is an illusion. I want to help people find a sense of calm and be the best version of themselves as they can be.

What It Means to Be an Artist – To Me:

As artist, we are compassionate, we see things and feeling things on a much deeper level at times. We feel the pain of the world.

Some how this tension must be resolved, so we get in our heads, that it is some how our mission to change the world, to get people to see… to wake people up, to resolve their suffering. After all we have the answer.

That is the ego getting in the way. Because once you stop trying to force change, stop forcing others to see our way. Something magical happens, you realize you cannot change people – you cannot force people to wake up. You cannot manifest the dreams and hopes of others, for them.

Change happens from the inside. We must first be the change we want to see in the world. That is one of the best quotes ever.

Because once we become the change, the idea of the artist is resolved within us.

To me, this looks like : As a artist – once we realize change happens within. We cannot heal those who don’t want to be healed, we cannot wake those up who refuse to wake. We cannot make others see our way. We cannot make the dreams of others happen for them. We cannot resolve their suffering for them. It may seem cold – but we all are responsible for ourselves and only ourselves; we are responsible for our own happiness, and others are responsible for there own happiness. As an artist – we can only be a witness to others by creating something and holding that space, so that the ones who want to, can create change for themselves.

About Jamie Starling

On The More Personal Side

My wife and I live in Beaufort, North Carolina. I find myself pausing in awe, thinking, “I actually live here.” It is amazing to be surrounded by such ever-evolving beauty, on the water and to be a part of a community brimming with warmth and kindness.

If you happen in be in the area, drop me a message. Always up for meeting up for coffee.

We share our home with three feline overseers – Beebs, Milo, and Jocko. They ensure everything is in order.

jamie and julie - About

Principles I Strive to Uphold

Reject the idea of conformity. Embrace the belief that a person who keeps moving, welcomes change, and shapes their own values and identity is the one truly living. This individual makes connections, experiments, asks questions, seeks truth, and explores. Understand that it’s not this free-spirited person who should explain their actions to the world. Instead, it’s those who choose to conform to the safety of existing systems around them who may need to reconsider their choices.

Assess your life by the outcomes you achieve, not by the distractions of labels you associate with yourself.

About The Images

Because that is what it is all about.

All the images you see here are a reflection of my creative journey. Unless otherwise noted : I have personally crafted each one, infusing them with my artistic vision. In my quest to expand my horizons, I’ve begun to embrace the fascinating world of AI technology. You’ll notice that some of the images are marked as “Generated,” showcasing the blend of my creativity with the innovative power of artificial intelligence. These pieces represent a new frontier in my exploration of how I bring to the surface things at which I have been keeping inside bubbling to come out.

What I am Showing

The Images Are Awakenings

{What Are Awakenings}

Awakenings : Life without the filters – points to the truth that life, just as it appears, is all there ever is – when the separation that divides us from each other and the world is seen as illusory. There is only always This. Life, lived without the interpretations that keep us from seeing the extraordinary wonder in the everyday appearances. Deep peace can be found, when it’s realized there is only ever this seamless web of aliveness.

{Awakenings Unfiltered Existence – Decoded}

Awakenings: The term ‘awakenings’ usually refers to those profound moments in life where we gain a deeper understanding or insight into the nature of existence. These experiences often come when we remove the preconceived notions, biases, and filters we have about the world around us. The concept encourages us to view life in its purest form, as it truly is, free from our cultural, social, and personal interpretations.

An awakening allows us to recognize the inherent interconnectedness of all things. We begin to understand that any perceived separation between ourselves and others, or between us and the natural world, is largely an illusion. We are all part of a unified whole.

Life without the filters: Life without filters encourages us to approach the world without our usual prejudices and expectations. It suggests we strive to view things as they genuinely are, rather than through the lens of our personal experiences or societal norms. In other words, it promotes experiencing life in its raw, unedited form. This idea doesn’t negate the complexities and nuances of life; rather, it acknowledges them without letting them color our perception unduly.

The extraordinary wonder in the everyday: This refers to the idea that even mundane, everyday experiences can hold profound beauty and significance if we take the time to truly observe and appreciate them. A dewdrop on a leaf, the rustle of leaves in the wind, a casual smile from a stranger – these simple occurrences can fill us with awe and joy when we learn to value them.

Deep peace in the seamless web of aliveness: This suggests that recognizing our interconnectedness with the world around us can lead to a deep sense of peace. When we realize that we are an integral part of the “seamless web of aliveness” that constitutes our universe, it can bring about a profound sense of belonging, peace, and tranquility. Recognizing this web of aliveness helps us understand that we are never truly alone; we are part of a larger, beautifully complex system of existence.

These ideas collectively point towards a shift in perspective – from viewing life through layers of interpretations and biases, to experiencing it in its purest form. This transformation can foster a sense of peace, unity, and awe at the inherent beauty found in the world around us.

Blessing of Gratitude

With profound reverence and gratitude, I offer this blessing:

I give thanks to the spirit of this sacred place, this blessed land, for all the abundance I receive. Your nurturing presence sustains me, and for this, I am deeply grateful.

I give heartfelt thanks to the spirit of the Earth for grounding me and providing abundance. To the spirit of the Air, I thank you for the breath of life and the inspiration that flows through me. To the spirit of the Water, I offer my gratitude for your cleansing and life-sustaining essence. And to the spirit of the Sun, I am thankful for your warmth, light, and energy that enable me to grow and flourish.

I honor and give thanks to my ancestors, whose lives and sacrifices have made my existence possible. Your wisdom, strength, and love continue to guide and support me.

May this gratitude echo through the realms, and may the blessings I receive be multiplied and shared with all beings. Thank you, spirits of the land, earth, air, water, and sun, and my beloved ancestors, for the gifts of life, love, and connection.

Blessed be.

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