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Walking where history’s heartbeats once resonated, I discovered not just the resilience of these structures, but the enduring strength within me. Each step is a silent dialogue with time, a dance with the delicate balance of change and acceptance.

About The Visual Intervention

Received the Visual Intervention in 2012 – Arizona.

In the quiet moments, looking out over what remains of buildings long forgotten, I find my heart speaking in softer tones, a gentle murmur that mirrors the hush of these empty spaces. The wind, it carries stories, ones that touch something deep within me, tales that these tattered walls might tell if only they could speak. It’s a raw, honest place here among the remains, where history’s heartbeats are felt rather than heard, each one a footprint left by those who walked before.

Standing here, in the midst of what once was a home or perhaps a sanctuary of sorts, I’m reminded of the layers of my own life, each one a chapter that’s brought me to where I stand today. I see, in these ruins, the parallel of my own vulnerabilities, the cracks and wear that time has etched upon my being. Yet, there is no sadness here, only a profound sense of connection, an understanding that in every ending there is the seed of a beginning.

Exploring, I’ve come to realize, is an intimate dance with the unknown. It’s a conversation between the soul and the unknown, between what we see and what we feel. To walk through these remnants is to step into the stream of time itself, to be carried by its currents and to learn the rhythms of change and acceptance. It’s a pilgrimage of self, an odyssey that doesn’t just span miles, but delves into the very fabric of our being.

Each weathered stone, every fragment of what used to be, is a mirror reflecting back at me parts of myself I’ve lost or forgotten. I pick my way through this debris with a reverence, a silent prayer of gratitude for the lessons they impart. They teach me about resilience, about the grace of standing tall against the storms, and about the beauty in letting go, in allowing life to flow and reshape me as it will.

In the shadows of these ancient structures, I find parts of me that are just as ancient, just as sturdy, and just as fragile. It is a humbling journey, one that strips away the noise and leaves me standing face to face with my truest self. It’s in these moments, I am reminded of the impermanence of it all, of the fleeting nature of our stories against the canvas of time.

This exploration is a kind of homecoming, a way to find peace with the chapters of my past and to embrace the potential of my future. As I wander through the wide-open spaces, my own narrative weaves into the larger story of life, a thread in the fabric of a universal lifescape that is ever-expanding, ever-evolving.

The truth is, we are all explorers, navigating the terrain of our lives, seeking out our place in the lifescape of humanity. And perhaps, if we listen closely, we can hear the call of the earth guiding us not just across the physical expanses, but inward, to the vast and uncharted territories of our souls.


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