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As the ancient trees reach through the fog in this hauntingly beautiful dance, they remind us that in the heart of impermanence lies the truest form of beauty—ephemeral and forever changing.

About The Visual Intervention

Received the Visual Intervention in 2023 – Fanal Forest, Madeira, Portugal.

Walking through the Fanal Forest, I’ve often felt like I’m part of a secret world, where the fog wraps everything in silence, and time seems to stand still. It’s in these quiet moments that I’ve felt the closest to understanding the fleeting nature of life. It’s a feeling I’ve struggled to explain, but then, I saw a photo that received it perfectly: ancient trees reaching up from the fog as if they’re a part of a dance that’s both haunting and beautiful.

The fog in the photo is like the uncertainty we face every day. We walk through it, not always seeing the path ahead, but we keep going, trusting that we’ll find our way. It’s scary not knowing what’s next, but there’s also a beauty in that mystery, a reminder that we’re part of something larger that’s constantly changing.

In photography, you freeze a moment that’s gone in a blink. It’s there on the camera’s screen, a memory to hold onto, yet even that is just a temporary capture of something that’s already past. These trees, veiled by the fog, they’re an image of impermanence. They remind me that everything changes—the world, the people in it, and even our own selves.

This photo tells me it’s okay to let go, to accept that nothing lasts forever. Life is a series of moments and memories, and like the fog, they roll in and fade away. Each day is a gift, not because it’s going to last, but because it’s here now, and it’s full of possibilities.

The mist may hide what’s to come, but it also teaches us to focus on what’s right in front of us. To cherish the feeling of the air on our skin, the quietness of the morning, and the shapes of the world as they slowly reveal themselves. These are the fragments of time that photography gifts us, holding onto the ephemeral beauty that we might otherwise miss.

So next time the fog rolls in, or life feels uncertain, remember the trees in that photo. Stand tall, embrace the change, and know that in every fleeting moment, there’s a chance to start anew. Because if life is a series of ephemeral moments, then every second is a chance to capture something beautiful, something worth remembering—even if it’s just in our hearts.


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