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We are reminded of our own internal expanse, of the strength and connectivity that lie within. Like the poles that stretch into the horizon, we too are on a journey of growth, linked by the invisible threads of our shared human experience.

About The Visual Intervention

Received the Visual Intervention in 2012 – Arizona.

As your eyes meet this expanse, your heart might softly ask a question as old as time itself: what paths have your feet yet to tread? Behold the openness before you—a lifescape of endless sky and humble earth, punctuated by a line of steadfast poles, a sign of progress stretching into the distance.

This scene is not unlike the inner journey we are all called to embark upon. The terrain is vast, the direction not always clear, and the destination is a place we know not until we arrive. These poles, they stand as markers of our growth, of the strength that lies in reaching ever forward, connected by wires unseen, much like the silent bonds that tie our spirits to one another and to the greater whole.

Here, amidst the undisturbed wilds and under the watchful gaze of the sky, we find a powerful metaphor for our own existence. The brush, dry and seemingly unyielding, is alive with a resilience that asks us to look deeper within ourselves. Each shrub and tuft of grass is a testament to the endurance of life, flourishing against the odds, just as we too are capable of thriving in the face of life’s desolate stretches.

The clouds, lofty and serene, remind us of the thoughts that come and go, shaping our mood like the weather shapes the land. They ask us to be like the earth below—observing the transient play of our mind’s sky with a gentle detachment, letting each moment pass without holding on too tightly.

To traverse this path of discovery requires a quiet courage—the willingness to face the vastness within us, to accept our own wilderness, and to walk in step with the profound rhythms of the soul. It calls for us to listen, not just with ears, but with the heart, to the calls of our own depths.

In sharing this image with you, my hope is that you find solace in knowing that though the path is long, you do not walk it alone. We are fellow travelers, each with our own deserts to cross, our own skies to decode. And in this shared experience of exploration, may you find a deeper connection to the world around you, a stronger bond with the earth that bears us, and a more compassionate view of yourself.

For in this landscape, as in life, every step is a verse in the grand poem of existence, every breath a note in the symphony of the cosmos. May you walk in beauty, may your heart be light, and may the journey reveal to you the boundless horizons of your own infinite spirit.


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