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As the waves roll in with rhythmic imperfection, so too does the seagull stand unbothered by society’s demands. It exists as it is, inviting us to find the same acceptance in the mirror of the shore.

About The Visual Intervention

Received the Visual Intervention in 2011 – Fort Fisher, North Carolina.

Sometimes, as I walk along the edge of the sea, I can’t help but notice the birds. There’s one that catches my eye — it doesn’t strut with the grandeur of an eagle nor does it sing the sweet songs of the lark. It’s just a simple bird, standing quietly at the water’s edge.

This bird, amidst the infinite grains of sand and the relentless waves, knows nothing of society’s pursuit of perfection. It’s here that I find a lesson waiting, as patient and steadfast as the dawn. It’s a lesson about the ‘Illusion of Perfection.’ We live in a world that often feels like a high-wire act, balancing the many facets of our lives while juggling society’s expectations of who we should be — but why?

That little bird is unbothered by such things. It doesn’t know about the filters we apply to our lives, striving to smoothen out the edges, to crop out the mess. But life, much like the ocean it stands beside, is not meant to be contained or crafted into an image of perpetual calm and order. Life is messy, unpredictable, and beautiful in its chaos.

How often do we stand, like this bird, on the shores of our own existence, and instead of seeing the vast possibilities, we critique the unevenness of our terrain? We’ve been taught to seek symmetry in our lives, to build castles of sameness, but aren’t we missing out on the beauty of our unique landscape by doing so?

This image is a silent rebellion against the mirage of perfection. It is a call to embrace the tides of our lives, to stand solitary if need be, against the crashing waves of expectation. It whispers to us to be proud of our scattered feathers, our crooked smiles, our uneven paths walked.

So next time you find yourself chasing the phantom of perfection, think of the bird by the sea. Take a breath, and allow yourself to just be. Appreciate the imperfections that weave through the lifescape of your life. It is, after all, the uneven stitches that make a story worth telling. Let’s find the courage to share our unfiltered selves, to celebrate our individuality, and to acknowledge that in the grand design of life, we are already a masterpiece.


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