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Take a moment with me to watch the clouds as they dance above rugged cliffs, teaching us the beauty of change and the value of the constants in our lives.

About The Visual Intervention

Received the Visual Intervention in 2012 – Marble Canyon, Arizona.

As the day nears its close and the shadows stretch to caress the earth, let us turn our gaze towards the sky, where the grandeur of cumulus clouds drift lazily above the rugged, steadfast cliffs. This image, holds within it an eternal invitation to pause and reflect on the greater journey we all share.

In this quiet moment, let us consider the clouds, those ethereal travelers painting stories on the blue expanse. They remind us of the fleeting nature of our worries and our joys, morphing and dissolving before our eyes, teaching us the grace of letting go. Like the clouds, our thoughts and emotions pass through the vast sky of our consciousness, and we have the power to observe them, to learn from them, without becoming them.

Beneath the clouds, the cliffs stand in silent fortitude. They have withstood the test of time, elements shaping their surface, yet their core remains unshaken. We, too, have our inner cliffs—resilient beliefs and values that define who we are at our core. It is upon these that we can stand firmly, even as the world around us changes.

In my own life, I have stood atop many such cliffs, looking out upon the horizon of possibility. I have felt the sting of the wind and the warmth of the sun, each leaving their mark upon me. I have learned to cherish these marks, for they are the signs of a life fully lived, of risks taken and lessons learned.

I say: embrace your cliffs and your clouds. Let the cliffs ground you and the clouds teach you the art of release. Accept the impermanence of life’s dramas as you would accept the shifting shapes in the sky. Hold close to your heart the enduring parts of you that weather all storms.

And as we move through this world, let us do so with the understanding that our own essence is part of a larger whole. We are individual, yet interconnected, unique in our expressions, yet united in our existence. The cliffs and clouds do not stand apart from each other; they are components of one world, each essential, each beautiful in its way.

So, as the clouds drift and the cliffs stand tall, let us find peace in our place among them. Let us carry within us the lightness of the clouds, the strength of the cliffs, and the wisdom to know that in the grand lifescape of existence, every element, including ourselves, has a role to play.

In solitude, let there be connection; in silence, let there be conversation; and in viewing this image of clouds and cliffs, let there be inspiration—a call to a deeper appreciation for the magnificent tapestry of life and our precious part within it.


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