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A landscape that reflects our inner world—where enduring cliffs and fleeting clouds mirror the dance between our steadfast essence and our changing emotions. Let’s learn together how to appreciate the solid and the shifting within us.

About The Visual Intervention

Received the Visual Intervention in 2012 – Marble Canyon, Arizona.

Let’s sit together for a moment, you and I, and talk about this picture— how the clouds billow like cotton over the silent, watchful cliffs. This image, stark in its contrasts and simple in its composition, tells of a larger story, one that unfolds within each of us, every day.

Look at the cliffs; they’re like the parts of us that have stood the test of time—our core, our essence. They’re the convictions that we’ve held onto, the parts of our identity that remain after life has chipped away everything else. They stand tall, not because they’re untouched, but because they’ve been touched by the world and have continued to stand. They’re the backbone of who we are.

Now, turn your eyes to the clouds. See how they float, unburdened and free above the cliffs? They’re like our thoughts and feelings, always shifting, always moving. Sometimes they’re fluffy and light, other times dark and heavy, but they’re always in motion. They’re the parts of us that we can watch come and go, the parts that we can let change without losing who we are.

This picture makes me think about balance—the sturdy, unyielding strength of the cliffs and the soft, changing nature of the clouds. It’s a dance we all do, holding on to what makes us who we are while also letting ourselves change and grow. It’s okay to have parts of ourselves that are solid and other parts that are in flux. It’s all part of being human.

So, as we look at this scene, let’s remember to appreciate both the enduring and the ephemeral parts of ourselves. Like the cliffs, we have the strength to face whatever life throws our way. And like the clouds, we have the freedom to let go and move forward, to create new shapes and dream new dreams.

Let’s promise to carry this image with us as a reminder. When we feel as immovable as the cliffs or as shapeless as the clouds, let’s remember that’s exactly how we’re meant to be. Together, the cliffs and the clouds make something beautiful—just like all the parts of us, together, make up the beautiful whole of who we are.


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