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As the mountains stand tall above the clouds, we’re reminded to lift our gaze and minds. This is the essence of photography: not just to look, but to see—truly see—and understand the magnitude of our world.

About The Visual Intervention

Received the Visual Intervention in 2023 – Island of Madeira.

Ever found yourself lost in a daydream, gazing out at the horizon, wondering what lies beyond the clouds? That’s where I found myself while looking at this photo. It’s a scene that stretches out above a blanket of clouds, and for a moment, you might just forget the world that bustles below. This picture does more than just show a pretty view; it’s a silent teacher of the art of seeing, a call to greater awareness.

There’s something about being above the clouds that feels like a breath of fresh air. It’s the feeling of standing on a mountain peak after a long climb, looking out and realizing that the world is so much bigger than the bubble we live in. This photo, with its towering peaks peering through the cloud cover, made me pause. It’s a image of quiet in a world that’s anything but. It’s a lesson in awareness.

Life is a lot like being in the midst of a fog. You’re trying to figure out where you’re going, what you’re about, and all the while, life buzzes around like a hive of bees. It’s easy to get caught up in the noise, to lose sight of the bigger picture. But every now and then, you find a moment, a break in the clouds, and something as simple as a photo can be a reminder to look up, to really see.

This image tells me that sometimes we need to rise above. Rise above the doubts, the drama, the day-to-day grind. When you do, you start to notice things you didn’t before—the way the light filters through the trees on your way to school, or the way a friend’s laughter can make the worst days seem a little better.

It’s about noticing the small things and understanding their place in the big picture. Just like the peaks in this photo, it’s about standing tall, despite the clouds that might try to hide you. It’s about the beauty of being part of something vast, something awe-inspiring. It’s about the art of seeing—not just looking, but truly seeing—and how that can change the way you walk through the world.

So, the next time you’re feeling lost in the fog, remember the peaks above the clouds. Remember that there’s a world of beauty out there, waiting to be seen. And all you have to do is look.


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