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A road that cuts through the desert, a path much like our own lives—full of unknowns but rich with the potential for growth. Let’s learn to embrace the twists of our personal journeys, finding joy in the mysteries ahead.

About The Visual Intervention

Received the Visual Intervention in 2012 – Marble Canyon, Arizona.

There’s something about an open road meandering through the desert—it’s like a visual echo of the paths we walk in life. This photograph, received in the clarity of black and white, simplifies the world to its essence: land, sky, and the journey in between.

This road could be anywhere, and that’s the beauty of it. It’s a reminder that we’re all traveling through this life, navigating our unique routes with the same mixture of certainty and uncertainty. The twists and turns of the asphalt, like the days ahead, are partly known and partly a mystery. And isn’t that how life feels most days? We have our plans, our maps, our destinations in mind, but life has a way of taking us on detours, some difficult, some delightful.

As I share this image with you, I’m reminded of the many roads I’ve traveled, both physically and spiritually. There have been times when the way was clear and times when each mile was a struggle. What I’ve learned is that the journey itself is where life happens—not just at the points marked on a map. It’s in the moving forward, the pressing on, the journeying itself that we grow and learn and become.

Consider the landscape in this picture—the vast, open space around the road. It speaks to the openness we need in our hearts and minds as we travel. The world around us is vast and full of wonder, and we do well to approach our journey with a spirit of discovery. Each day is an opportunity to notice something new, to learn a new lesson, to see a familiar sight in a new light.

And then there are the cliffs, standing tall and resolute, casting long shadows and offering shelter. They’re a bit like the values and principles we carry with us, providing structure and stability. They remind us to be steadfast in who we are, even as the road of life winds and twists.

I offer this: Let us take from this image the courage to keep moving, the openness to embrace the journey, and the steadfastness to remain true to ourselves. Let’s appreciate the road we’re on, knowing it’s ours to travel, with all its unexpected turns, its straight stretches, and its horizon that always keeps us moving forward.

In sharing this journey with you, my hope is that we all find the beauty in our paths and the strength to keep going, no matter the terrain. The road calls us to new adventures, new challenges, and new joys. Let’s travel it well, together.


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