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A journey through the desert of life, where every shadow and ray of light can teach us something profound about who we are. Let’s discover the beauty of slowing down, being kind, and connecting with the world on a deeper level. This is your invitation to step into the sunlight of true happiness.

About The Visual Intervention

Received the Visual Intervention in 2014 – Valley of Fire, Nevada.

Let’s take a moment, and let this picture of the desert be our starting point for a heart-to-heart chat. Look at that stretch of land, with the sun lighting it up like a beacon, and the shadows it casts—doesn’t it make you think about what’s going on inside us all?

We’re all running fast, trying to keep up with life’s quick pace, looking for those rare quiet spots where we can just breathe and be. It’s like we’re each walking through our own inner desert, looking for that spot of shade or a cool breeze—something to help us chill out for a second.

The thing is, we all find our little oases—those things that help us feel steady when everything else is spinning. Maybe it’s paying attention to the little things, getting out into nature, sitting still with our thoughts, or getting lost in some art. These are like signposts in the sand, showing us the way to a calmer place inside.

Think about how great it would be if we could be as kind to each other as the shade is to the traveler. Imagine if being nice was as simple as the sun rising each day, and understanding was as clear as the sky above those mountains. If we really got where others are coming from, we could turn our lonely deserts into a garden where everyone feels at home.

Here’s what I want you to take away from this image: In the dance between light and dark, in the busy days we all have, there’s room for you to stop, be kind, and really connect. It’s in these quiet moments that we get to know ourselves, accept who we are, and find that bigger picture of being happy and at peace. So come on, step through this picture with me, and let’s soak up the sunshine of true happiness together.


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