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The quietness of the sea helps us find peace and encourages us to connect our inner thoughts with the wider world, despite feeling alone.

As I start walking on this old, worn boardwalk, the sand underneath it is barely held back, telling stories of the ocean and the wind that only the sea knows. This quiet path to the sea is a lot like my own life: taking time to think, while everything else moves fast, not noticing.

Looking out to where the sky meets the sea, it feels like all my past lives and thoughts come together in this quiet place, beating in time with the soft waves.

There’s a special kind of peace in this quietness, away from the loud, busy world that often feels out of step with the quieter, natural rhythms. My spirit, like this untouched beach, stays true to itself, on the edge of what most people see and sometimes not quite understood.

But deep down, I want to connect my inner world with the wider world. Through my art, my creations, and just by being me, I try to reach across the usual ways of doing things, hoping to find others who are also looking for a connection.

Speaking your truth in a noisy world is like lighting a beacon on this huge shore of life—a light that might help someone else, even if they’re struggling, to realize they’re not alone. It’s important to share these quiet dreams, to show that in the quiet places, there’s a whole universe full of untold stories and hidden beauty.

Those of us who drift on the edges of society hold a bright hope inside us. It shines out, calling to the heartbroken, the dreamers, and those who quietly challenge the norm. It tells us to be brave in being ourselves, to stand gently but firmly against the flow.

So, if you also walk on unusual paths, remember this: the world is better with your unique thoughts. Shine your light into the dark. Move to your own beat. By doing this, you might find peace for yourself and light the way for others who are lost, so that together, in our own spaces, we can light up the less traveled waters and help others see the world in a new way.

Your journey might feel lonely, but it’s paving the way for others. Walk with purpose, and let your steps inspire those who want to find their own courage, not to walk in your steps, but to have the bravery to make their own way.


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