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The striking balance of life illustrated in a single photograph—where steadfast cliffs and wandering clouds echo the permanent and ephemeral within us. Discover the beauty of embracing both in the dance of existence.

About The Visual Intervention

Received the Visual Intervention in 2012 – Marble Canyon, Arizona.

As we gaze upon this photograph, where the vibrant blue sky is brushed with clouds and the sturdy cliffs stand as ancient guardians, we find a space to breathe, to ponder, and to connect.

Look at the cliffs. Aren’t they like the oldest friends we have? They remind us of the enduring parts of our lives—our family, our deep relationships, the core parts of ourselves that don’t change much over time. They stand tall, bearing the colors of countless sunrises and sunsets, much like we carry our experiences and memories.

And above them, the clouds dance freely. They’re the day-to-day thoughts and feelings, aren’t they? Sometimes they’re light and wispy, hardly there, and at other times, they’re like those heavy ones in the photo, full of a storm’s potential. They represent the ever-changing, shifting nature of our lives—the joys, the sorrows, the hopes, and the fears.

This picture makes me think about how everything in life has its place. The solid and the shifting, the lasting and the fleeting—they all come together to create the full picture of our existence. Just as the sky wouldn’t be as beautiful without both the clouds and the clear blue backdrop, our lives are made richer by both our deep, unmovable parts and our lighter, changing ones.

Let’s take a lesson from this landscape. Like the cliffs, may we find strength in our roots and the essence of who we are. And like the clouds, may we allow ourselves the freedom to feel, to change, and to grow. Together, they teach us the balance of being human—the dance between being grounded and letting ourselves soar.

As you reflect on this image, I invite you to think about your own cliffs and clouds. How do they shape your lifescape? How do you find your balance between them? In this moment, as in every moment, there’s an opportunity for self-discovery and a deeper connection with the world around us. Let’s cherish it.


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